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Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean packed full of history, culture and art along with an incredible cuisine and excellent wines.

Travelling in Sicily is a constant journey of discovery. The sweeping landscapes change at every turn and the many civilizations that have lived here have all left their imprints on the architecture, culture, language and food so creating the island’s unique diversity.

Western Sicily is where the Greek and the Carthaginian worlds met, where the Trojan hero Aeneas landed before continuing his journey to Lazio where he will contribute to the foundation of Rome, where the  Romans were victorious in their first war against the Carthaginians and where the Arabs landed in the 8th century.

Combining Sicily’s rich history with magnificent landscapes, its cuisine and wines surrounded by a crystal blue sea makes for a memorable experience.

To be accompanied by a professional licenced local guide is surely a big plus for visitors. I have a deep passion for Sicily and have been working as a Tour Manager and Tour Guide with visitors from USA, Australia, Canada and UK for over 20 years.

I want to share my expertise with you and to leave you with unforgettable memories of your time in Sicily.

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The coastal town of Sciacca, famous for its lively carnival, ceramics and coral jewellery still feels truly authentic. The visitor can absorb its fascinating atmosphere exploring its squares, side streets and with beautiful views over the port and the Southern Sicilian coastline.


Where else can you walk inside a Greek temple built almost 2,500 years ago? Selinunte’s archeaological site is a pleasure to explore with an amazing backdrop of the Sicilian coast and the Mediterranean maquis.

Mazara del Vallo

Walking in its atmospheric kasbah Mazara is where different cultures meet. Where you can eat couscous, see ruins of a Norman castle, stroll along a beautiful seaside promenade and gaze at an ancient Greek bronze statue.

Marsala and salt pans

The Carthaginians, British wine merchants and Garibaldi have all played an important role in Marsala’s history. The evocative Marsala coast line is dotted with still-working salt pans and their windmills and offers a spectacular view with the Egadi islands and Erice in the background.

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All my excursions are personalized and can be adjusted according to any specific interest or theme. They can be combined to make a full day tour or even longer.

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